"My son acquired a brain injury through an accident when he was 10 years of age. He is now an adult and depends on continual support and high care around the clock. As a young person, life with disabilities has been extremely challenging for him.
Quality Lifestyle Support have taken the stress away from my family, as we were unable to provide the necessary high care that he requires on a seven day week basis. They assist my son with living in his own home, ensuring that he can have a close family involvement. Quality Lifestyle Support also assist him in pursuing his own interests and assist him to be involved in community outings and events that he chooses.
Quality Lifestyle Support have endeavoured to match support workers who are compatible with my son and he is now supported by people who understand his care requirements and who are suitably trained for his care.
Quality Lifestyle Support are flexible in accommodating my son’s ever-changing needs. They are compassionate in their approach, and he is treated with respect and patience. I highly recommend their services."

Leanne H, Toowoomba

Community Access

Quality Lifestyle Support recognises that supported individuals, like everybody else, benefit from being part of the community. This interaction can be at various levels, from shopping and attending doctor’s appointments through to attending classes and participating in sporting events. As an organisation, we strive to assist with community access to the amount that the supported individual is comfortable with. 

A part of our service is also to assist our clients in accessing parts of the community that they wish to involve themselves in, by utilising our resources and experience in enhancing their chosen lifestyles.

QLS works in partnership with all stakeholders and family members in not only determining what community access is required, but also to determine what community access the supported individual would like to achieve.

Community access may be part of respite or supported accommodation, but may also be the only service that is required.

If you have any questions in relation to community access, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss the matter with you.