The founders of Quality Lifestyle Support had a vision to provide quality care for people with a disability prior to the year 2000. This was innovative at the time. Up until then caring for people with a disability had largely been the realm of not for profit organisations. In fact this is still the case. Our firm, Margaret Franklin & Associates has had the pleasure of assisting with the establishment of Quality Lifestyle Support and aiding its growth over the years. It has been a pleasure to see many people benefit from their care and professionalism in an industry challenged with a lack of funding. The professionalism and heart brought to the care of these people by John Hart (Director) and his team is inspiring and humbling. We are proud to be associated with this group.

Margaret F

In Home Support

Quality Lifestyle Support understands that living in your own home is the preferred choice for the majority of supported individuals and families, and this is always welcomed and encouraged by our organisation. We understand that the individual and their family are the experts in their own situations and, as such, we will work in a way that suits your needs.

QLS is able to provide a support service within the family home. This option frequently gives peace of mind to families, as the supported person is in their own environment and close to loved ones. It is also a way of receiving support that has the least amount of impact on the person’s lives.

Quality Lifestyle Support also has the capacity to provide some accommodation. These can be in houses sharing with others, or in accommodation purely for the individual. The amount of support that each individual receives can vary. Some of our clients need minimal assistance, whilst others require 24-hour, 7-day per week support. By working with the individual and family, we can tailor support to suit the needs, wishes and lifestyle of most people.